A Series of Modules to Strengthen Health Professional Associations

The modules below will assist professional associations develop into highly effective organizations.

These modules are designed to fill a gap in materials useful to professional associations and facilitators. They contain materials for strengthening the infrastructure of a professional association, enhancing its value to members, and increasing its impact within the health system and society.

Instead of a prescribed and linear training model these modules offer a different approach to association strengthening. They offer content, examples, tools, and activities useful across the developmental spectrum of associations: from nascent associations to mature associations.

Where do you start?   Begin with a conversation with the leadership of your professional association. Decide on your priorities and identify which modules you want to review. If you are a new association you may choose to use all of the modules to help you develop well from the beginning.  More mature associations will decide to focus on one or more areas for growth.

This modular approach:
• Focuses on association self-assessment and current goals
• Offers a range of topics that Professional Associations can explore themselves
• Includes easy to use materials that don’t require professional facilitation or may be used with a facilitator

Module titles include:

Diversity and Professional Association Strengthening

Creating and Nurturing an Organization
Strategic Planning
Functions of Professional Associations
Governance and Fiscal Management
Leadership Development
Visibility and Communications
Resource Mobilization
The Health, Growth, and Development of a Professional Association